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Master to Doctor: A journey

phd stages

Prerequisite to becoming a researcher

What type of problem should be selected for the Ph.D. research work?

Steps to achieve a Ph.D. degree

Why researchers are not doing well in their research work?

There are many reasons behind not reaching the expected level of research work, such as, Apart from these, it is also heard, where the researcher made engage in, Like this, there are many more incidences you can find in and around you.

Why this behavior towards the researcher?

The behavior may be viewed as, The causes for the behavior may be / due to,

Pre Defence Issues

Research scholar thinks that once the thesis is submitted the problem is over, but the case is not like so, rather it will continue.

Defence Day Issues

If the defence is fixed within 3 - 4 months of the submission, the author will be in the commanding position and can able to convince the external evaluator/audience. Else the author will not be in a position to explain and convince the same.

Post Defence Issues

A few institutions provide the degree certificate within a month. It is appreciated, else the provisional degree certificate will not be considered for the appointment or promotions. This humiliates the research scholar as if they are in hell.

Post Award Issues