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Books Published

Numerous such technical books are available in the market, but the specialty of this book rests in Mastering Linux servers without anybody’s help in just 28 days. And also getting fundamentals sound through hands-on expertise.

The "A to Z Linux" book written especially for novices who want to get into the corporate world/higher education/having an urge to study. Anybody who operates a computer can start this book directly. The content of this book is practically tested and found working satisfactorily on CentOS 7 & 8. The same also works for Fedora and Red Hat OS.

The name ‘A to Z’ specifies the spread of technology from old to most advanced ones, such as launching your application on the Cloud. Some possible difficulties that are usually faced by people envisioned and attempted to give a solution with a simple and understandable way. Hence the book starts with setting up of own lab using crimping; to verify the functionality, configuring 14+ different well-known servers such as NFS, FTP, NTP, HTTP, DNS, Mail, DHCP, Samba, MySQL. Finally setting OpenStack Cloud and its application.

The author has got over 24 years of academic, research as well as industry expertise in the diversified field. And, took nearly two years in authoring this book. The author tried to exhibit a maximum level of technical competence and knowledge to share with others.

This book also helps in cracking global certification exams like CompTIA N+, RHCSA, RHCE, Red Hat OpenStack, and many more, which is necessary for the System/Network administrator.

The book titled "ABC of Hadoop, Docker & Ansible" covers all the essential skills needed for a Linux Systems Engineer/Administrator. A comprehensive research made while authoring the book, keeping in mind all the essential skills required for a fresher to get a job in the IT industry and also covers the advanced topics specific to the most in-demand skills like Hadoop, Docker, and Ansible. Besides covering the basics, the authors also delved into the tools DevOps such as Docker, and Ansible, which makes the book very special.

By referring these books, you can do your project in Hadoop, Virtual Machine, Docker, Ansible, OpenStack Cloud, without anybody's help.